• £44.99

Filled with layers of colour, this rainbow neck ruffle with sequin trim will add instant sass to any outfit! An all year round hit, this ruff is perfect for Halloween, Christmas Parties, Festival Season and Nights Out.

Tied with an orange satin ribbon, this can either be worn around the front of the neck (in true clown style!) or worn around the shoulders for a totally different look (ribbon tied under your arms around your back).

3 layers of complimenting fabrics add volume to the ruff - orange organza on the bottom, pink netting in the middle and a multicoloured rainbow organza on top. A multicoloured  trim (with small bells in) is sewn around the bottom fabric adding depth and even more sparkle to dazzle with!

Team with our matching Rainbow Wrist Cuffs and Purple Rain Leggings for the ultimate show stopping outfit. Please note Wrist Cuffs are not included in this price.

One size and Unisex.

Handmade in Bristol - Thank you for supporting small businesses 😀

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