Halloween: Get the look...Circus Clown

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This is one of our favourite Halloween outfits as you don't have to splash out on a specific scary costume to achieve this look. Instead you can still wear your colourful, festival garms from the summer and adapt the make up for a dramatic Halloween feel.

What you need:

The make up for this can really be done on a budget. All you need is some black and white face paint (we recommend Snazaroo all the time), and your normal make up.

- Snazaroo Face Paint: 1x White and 1 x Black                               
- Make Up Sponges                                                                            
- Thin Paint Brush
- Silver Gems (Available from most craft shops)
- Eyelash Glue
- Red Lipstick
- Blusher
- Mascara
- Glitter

1.  With a make up sponge apply a thin layer of white face paint across your face. Be careful not to over do it / apply too thickly - You only need to paint your face (not the rest of your body), so you don't want there to be a definitive line where your face paint ends and neck starts...Blend well!

2. Add some rouge to your cheeks by applying your blusher.

3. With your paint brush, use the black face paint to add the clown points around your eyes. Don't use too much water as you need these lines to be thick and dark. While the black face paint is still slightly wet sprinkle a small amount of glitter onto your eyelids.

4. Once the black face paint has dried, apply eyelash glue to the back of the silver gems and stick over the black points, centrally under your eyes. *Always use eyelash glue when sticking gems / sequins to your face.

5. Finish off by adding mascara and red lipstick.

Photography: Dani Reid and Sol Stevens
Model: Christie Salmon
Costumes: MADWAG

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