Halloween: Get the look...Nightmare Before Christmas

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'This is Halloween, Everybody make a scene...'

Halloween just doesn't feel right without a bit of Tim Burton inspiration, and as its that time of year, we've called upon The Nightmare Before Christmas to stimulate our spook buds. For this look we have combined Sally's eerie eyes with the slick stripes of Jack Skellington to create a costume guaranteed to turn heads.

What you need:

- Snazaroo Face Paint: 1 x White, 1 x Black, 1 x  Blue
- Make Up Sponge
- Thin Paint Brush
- Red Wig

1. Using the paint brush and white face paint, draw a large circle around each eye. This should reach just above your eyebrow and about 2cm below your eye. Fill in the circles with white face paint, covering your eyelids. Paint your lashes white too so you cannot see them when your eyes are closed.

2. Mix the white and blue face paint in a dish until you have a very pale blue paint. Apply to the rest of your face with the make up sponges. You may need to do a few layers to get an even covering.

3. With the thin paint brush, add the black outlines of the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, nose, and lips. Only add a small amount of water to the paint when doing this as you want these lines to be dark and defined.

4. Wait for the face paint to dry before putting on the wig. We love a good wig and recommend paying a few more pounds to ensure your new-do doesn't look like tinsel... We got ours here, available in a range of styles and it only takes a few days to arrive...perfect for that last minute costume panic!

Photography: Dani Reid and Sol Stevens

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